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Fairfield College on the NOS & NPO1 radio news

Last week there was an item on the NOS news about the problems of the current integration system in the Netherlands.

In 2013, changes were made to the Dutch integration system: immigrants were given more responsibility and less support by the government in their own process of integration. For example, immigrants were now responsible for choosing their own integration school.

Unfortunately, this led to a significant decrease of passed exams, since immigrants are often unable to judge the quality of integrations schools, a problem made worse by the fact that the amount of low-quality integrations schools (so-called “beunhazen”) has drastically increased over the last years (see our earlier post for more information: https://www.fairfieldcollege.nl/an-important-message-for-all-immigrants/).

These schools often try to lure in clients by offering them “free” laptops (which are never free: the student is always the one who ends up paying for them, either from their loans or by receiving lower quality courses) and cheap lessons.

At Fairfield College we are aware of these issues, since we regularly receive applications from students who decided to leave their former school due to issues mentioned above. Fortunately at Fairfield College more than 85% of the immigrants passes their integration exam.


The NOS news and NPO1 radio visited our school to interview us and our students. See/hear the footage below:

NOS news item:




Radio NPO1 interview with Carla Detti:




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